About Us

About Us

Thru fate Dawn Rodriguez & Chrissy Gibbs met about 1 ½ years ago, and instantly became best friends. Dawn is a loving wife and mom to two beautiful kids.  Dawn (45 yrs old) has over 20 years experience of product merchandising.  Chrissy (36 yrs old) is a single mom to an amazing lil boy and has over 15 years in operations management and bookkeeping.  Both moms to some amazing kids, working full-time and taking care of their families and households, there just wasn’t enough time to pursue fashion as they use too. Constantly complimenting each other on their outfits they realized how similar their styles were. Thru that same fate…EDGY TRENDZ, LLC was formed by two best friends which had the same style yet unique in their own ways.

 Us women love to shop, look hot, sexy and classy but with other priorities who has the time?  After noticing neither one of them obviously had a lot of extra time on their hands, when they did get a chance to shop, they would instantly see something that the other one would love and would purchase it.  Picking up pieces to add to their collections to Rock like no one’s business.

 One day on their lunch break having one of their normal venting, silly, crazy conversations it hit them.  They were obviously not the only business women in this world that love fashion.

  “ We love fashion, quality, budget friendly,  EDGY, hot, sexy fashion TRENDZ, yet it is so hard to find a store, website, catalog that offers exactly our styles……Why not open our own clothing / accessory line?”

As most people are all talk and no action if you personally know Chrissy and Dawnie you know they are anything but!  Two professional, friendly, loyal, silly, outgoing, life of the party type of chicas.  There is never a dull moment with these sisters, even nicknamed as the toxic twins cause when they get together their dynamic personalities can accomplish anything.  That afternoon EDGY TRENDZ, LLC was formed!


Message from the Owners:

Hey Everyone!!!!!! 

Let us introduce ourselves, we are the toxic twins Dawnie and Chrissy.  If you don’t personally know us yet….YES, they definitely broke the mold after us!!!  LOL 

 We are very fortunate to find a friend, sister and now business partnership with one another.  We are a crazy set of ladies that can understand each other’s humor, loyalty and dedication to working hard.  Due to our dedication to working hard we commit ourselves to helping you discover the beauty you want to show the world.

 We have been truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing family and friends.  We are a phenomenal, strong group of women.  Constantly lifting each other up to be the best that we can be.  For this we are dedicating our company to all the hard-working women out there.

 We are extremely excited to share our collection of clothing and accessories with all of you. EDGY, sexy, classy and budget friendly with the convenience to shop from home.  Seamless from start to finish!

 We invite you to come and dress / accessorize the outside you to match your inner style!!!!

 Thanks for visiting our store, can’t wait to meet you all!!!!!  Rock it!!!!!!!!

 From one sister to another,

Chrissy & Dawnie